2018 Overnight Pre-Session Email: 1 Week Out

2018 Overnight Pre-Session Email: 1 Week Out

We look forward to seeing your camper  in one short week! You’ll hear from us again when there are 2 days to go!

In This Email

· Payment/forms reminders

· Communication during camp

· Arrival day confirmation

Payment/Forms Reminders

Full payment for camp and all camp forms were due June 1. Your child will not be able to join camp with an outstanding balance or missing forms unless explicit arrangements have been made in advance.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to accommodate our families – your partnership makes this possible.

Communication During Camp


Please write letters to your camper! Use the following address:

(Your Child’s Name)

210 Deckertown Turnpike

Montague NJ 07827

Keep letters positive and encouraging. Let your camper know that you are proud of them and the accomplishments they are experiencing.

We will provide many opportunities for letter writing while your child is at camp. We do our best to ensure that every child sends off at least one letter during their time at camp. Please keep in mind that letters may take up to a week to get from your child’s hands to our camp mailbox and finally to your home.


Once the session starts, you can send email to camper@trailblazers.org with your child’s name noted in the subject line. We will print these emails out daily and deliver them with the mail.

Note that the messages to this email account are one way only. Your camper will not be able to email back!

Important Tip: Please take the time to write substantive letters – it is way more powerful and meaningful for your child to receive an email that is a few paragraphs long than it is for them to receive a message that is only one or two lines long.

We are not able to include photos or attachments in the emails that we print off for campers – we appreciate your understanding.

Phone Calls

Phone calls home are not a part of our camp program. We believe strongly in how powerful camp is in fostering independence and a growth mindset in children.

You are welcome to call our camp office any time to check in with the directing team on how your child is doing. Some parents call us daily while their child is at camp – some do not call at all. Any frequency of phone calls is absolutely fine. We are always happy to let you know how your child is doing. Remember: if we have any concerns, we will call you.

The number for the Overnight Camp Office in routed through our Brooklyn office:

212-529-5113 ex. 1.

Arrival Day Confirmation

Your drop-off location

We are expecting your child to arrive at the drop-off location that you selected on your Transportation Selection form in Active. Please take a moment to confirm this location now by logging into your account.

If this drop off location needs to be updated, please reach out to us immediately.

All of our bus info can be found at www.trailblazers.org/overnight-bus

What to Expect at Drop Off

  • Trail Blazers staff and drivers will meet and greet you at drop off
  • Staff will help you and your camper load all of your luggage onto the bus, and confirm with you that all of your bags are accounted for
  • You will hand any medication to the staff member, to be taken to the health center immediately upon arrival at camp
  • You will be asked to take any electronics or cell phones in your child’s possession home with you – as you know, phones and electronics are not permitted at camp
  • You will sign your child into our care for the camp session and confirm your end-of-session pick-up location (which we will re-confirm with you prior to that date)
  • After kisses and hugs, we will help you say good-bye to your amazing camper and welcome them warmly to their session at camp!

In Your Next Email

· Quick links to all past emails

· Arrival day (re)confirmation

· Final To Do’s

Camp is just around the corner, and we are busy getting ready for your camper to arrive!

Please call our office if you have any questions – 212.529-5113 ext 1.

Or email us at registration@trailblazers.org.

Thank you for choosing Trail Blazers!

The Trail Blazers Team

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