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Since 1887

Once a Trail Blazer, always a Trail Blazer. Whether it’s been one year or fifty since you last visited camp, we want to keep in touch! And keep your eyes peeled for information about our annual events: Operation Muscle (volunteer day to set up Mashipacong Estate in May) and Labor Day Weekend Camp Out!


The Trail Blazers Alumni Engagement Committee (AEC) is a new initiative to create an archive of the history and memories of Trail Blazers Camps. Over the coming months, we will be announcing new projects, recording and scanning existing content, and collecting camp artifacts for posterity. We will also be creating a new program for Alumni to get involved with staff training at Overnight Camp.
  • To learn more about the AEC, please email AEC Chair Juanita Barrena:
  • To learn more about two of the current Alumni projects, TBC History Project and the Staff Training Project, please contact Camp Director Christopher Thomasson: