LL Weekend

How will you spend Labor Day Weekend?
LL Weekend
Spend Labor Day Weekend wrapping up the summer with family, friends, and nature

Named after Life Camps, Trail Blazers’ prior name, Life Lifers (LL) Weekend is a beloved annual tradition where alumni and families come back to camp for one last dip in Lake Mashipacong and one more hike on the trails before the autumn chill sets in. You’re invited to spend a day or the entire weekend unplugging from technology and enjoying the company of old and new friends. Be sure to keep posted for updates as we get closer to the date.

Rustic Accomodations

The canvas tipis and hogans will be set up for you to enjoy life in smallcamp! Get ready to fall asleep under the stars and rise to the chirping forest canopy.

Unplug and Enjoy Nature

Lake Mashipacong is Instagram worthy but this weekend is about enjoying the outdoors for the sake of being outside. Swim, fish, and hike with us!

Reconnnect and Meet New Friends

It's a family-friendly weekend for all, everyone's invited! Spend a day or the entire holiday weekend as part of our Trail Blazers family.

Keep Posted on Updates

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Guests can arrive as early as Friday August 31, at 3pm.

Guests can stay until Monday, September 3, at 12noon.

Guests can come for one day, or spend the entire holiday weekend!


Several smallcamps, with our traditional canvas shelters (tipis or hogans) and outhouses will be available to guests. Please note, Trail Blazers does not have cabins. Our rustic site does not have the capacity to handle campers and other kinds of recreational vehicles (RVs). You may bring a tent, please contact tcaton@trailblazers.org for details.

The bathhouses will be available for showers and indoor plumbing.

While each smallcamp has a fire site, cooking is not permitted in smallcamp for safety reasons. We have two outdoor cook sites as well as the Great Hall’s indoor kitchen available for your use.

Please note, smoking is not permitted on our property.


This is a family-friendly weekend!

Lake Mashipacong will be open for swimming, boating, and fishing.

The trails will be open for hiking and observing nature.

Additional activities may be scheduled; please check back at a later time for more details.


You will be responsible for your own meals; you will have access to our kitchen facility and outdoor cooking sites to prepare your meals, Trail Blazers style! There is a Walmart near the property where you may purchase groceries.


This is a family-friendly event. Guests of all ages are welcome!

Cost and RSVP

You may choose to come for one day only or for the entire weekend! Please note that “Checkout” is at noon; if you plan to stay past noon please do purchase an additional day, even if not sleeping overnight. Cost includes access to all activities, hiking areas, and lake. Blankets and sheets can be provided, if needed. Children ages 11 and under are free.

Friday: $25/pp
Saturday: $50/pp
Sunday: $50/pp
Monday: $50/pp
Entire Weekend: $150/pp

Other FAQ's

Can I bring my own camper/RV/tent?

Our rustic site does not have the capacity to handle campers and other kinds of recreational vehicles (RVs). You may bring a tent, please contact tcaton@trailblazers.org for details.

I use a wheelchair/walker/crutches to get around. Is the site accessible for mobility impaired persons?

Trail Blazers’ camp site is outdoors and very rustic: with dirt trails, no paved roads, and plenty of hills. This may not be the best environment for those needing wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, strollers, etc.

My pet loves the outdoors! Can they come?

We love animals at Trail Blazers. However, Trail Blazers already has plenty of wildlife and we prefer your pet stays at home.

How do I get to Trail Blazers?

You can use Google Maps at http://maps.google.com to get driving directions. Our address is 210 Deckertown Turnpike, Montague, NJ 07287. We are between mile markers 4 and 5.

I don’t drive, is there a way to arrange transportation?

If we have enough requests, we may organize a van ride. Please let us know if  you are interested in a ride by emailing tcaton@trailblazers.org.

What should I bring?

Ticks are prevalent – please bring insect repellent. Feel free to bring your own sleeping bag/linens. There is a Walmart nearby where you may do some food shopping as well as pick up other essentials.

What if it rains?

A person once said there’s no such thing as bad weather, just inadequate clothes! Trail Blazers runs rain or shine. Feel free to wear rain boots and ponchos.

Why is it called LL Weekend?

Trail Blazers’ original name was Life’s Camps and alumni who camped before the name change are called Life Lifers! This weekend is a tradition, coming together to reconnect before the summer ends. Learn more fun TBC history facts at https://www.trailblazers.org/history.