We believe that Recess is a great opportunity for students to learn life skills that are just as valuable as the lessons taught in the classroom. During a TBCRecess, trained coaches help students make the most of this time by facilitating games and group play, leading guided transitions in and out of the recess period, and helping students practice skills in conflict resolution, communication, and teamwork – skills that are valuable in the classroom and for life!

Additionally, our RECESS program aims to help schools increase their effective instructional time in the classroom, by making sure students are ready to learn!

Conflict Resolution

Trained coaches help children develop skills to work through their problems together - meaning less time spent in conflict and more time for playing!

Academic Success

New skills learned on the playground can be used in the classroom and guided transitions after recess lead to an increase in focused instructional time.

Active Play

Time and space to run and play outdoors - in all weather - relieves stress and energy and helps children focus in the classroom.

A Typical Recess

Meaningful Transitions

Every TBCRecess starts and ends with a guided transition, including a fun energizer at the beginning and wrapping up with a calming routine before heading back to the classroom. By providing consistent, intentional transitions into the classroom, students are settled and ready to work more quickly, leading to increased instructional time.

Play Stations

TBCRecess coaches facilitate Play Stations throughout the court yard, giving students opportunities to choose the activity they want to participate in. While specific activities are tailored to the interests and needs of the students, a typical Recess program will offer an organized sport such as soccer or basketball, an organized group game, and a free play area with hula hoops, balls, chalk, and other outdoor equipment.

Conflict Intervention and Skill Coaching

TBCRecess coaches are trained to intervene when students need support, whether they are tackling a difficult task or working out a problem with a peer. Coaches don’t solve problems for students but rather focus on teaching them conflict resolution and social-emotional skills and allowing them a safe, guided space to put those skills into practice.


TBCRecess Outcomes are pending. Check back soon!

TBCRecess Coaches

TBCRecess Coaches come from all walks of life but they all have a few things in common – limitless energy, positive attitudes, genuine kindness, and a passion for helping your children grow and learn!

Our TBCRecess and UOS After School programs are largely staffed by local staff members, many of whom work with us throughout the summer as well. Each staff member undergoes an intensive screening process, including background and reference check, before starting in a school. In addition, all staff complete extensive training and ongoing development throughout the year to prepare for the important job of looking after your child’s physical and emotional safety.

TBCRecess At Your School?

TBCRecess Cost

The cost of a TBCRecess varies depending on the size of your school and the number of students who participate.

A sample set up: A school with 1000 students and 6 recess blocks, has three RECESS coaches providing support during each 30-minute recess block for the duration of the year (170 days). Total cost $40,000.

Do you want to bring TBCRecess to your school?

To inquire about bringing TBCRecess or Under One Sky to your school, contact us at registration@trailblazers.org