What We Believe

Our programs are guided by over 130 years of experience, in developing, testing and tinkering with our ideas. As a result, there are few concepts we have not tried or explored. Over the years, the educational field has studied and explored the very ideas that Trail Blazers put to into practice at the start of last century! Whenever we read a great explanation of what we do, we can’t help but say: ‘We know!” Below you will find a selection of such writings and musings, that perfectly capture the ideas and spirit that guide us in our work every day. Enjoy!

Place-Based Education
Expanding and enriching relationships in place-based education.

Source: www.gettingsmart.com

Camp Builds Resilience
Summer camp experiences help kids get more resilient.

Source: American Camp Association

Give Childhood Back
We must allow our children more time for play, not less.


How Learning Happens
Success is linked to healthy social and emotional development.

Source: www.aft.org

Six Things Kids Really Need
Exploring and learning about the real world.

Source: Becoming Unbusy

Empathy as a Leadership Skill
There is nothing soft about having empathy.

Source: FORBES

Risky Play
Risky play and what it teaches our children.

Source: Almost Fearless

The Goldilocks Effect
Just the right amount of challenge for you right now.

Source: Laura Grace Weldon

Warm Leaders
How to build relationships with people.

Source: Kellog

Monkey Bars and Test Scores
Play itself is the job of a child.

Source: KOSU

More Play = Better Thinking
Kids should be sitting down less.

Source: NPR

Diverse Learning Spaces
Diversity in the classroom benefits everyone.

Source: Department of Education